"It was his lack of interest in maths, history and all other classroom
subjects that made Larry take up art. He enrolled at art school aged 13
and has been painting ever since."
"With accomplished technical ability now rare, Larry Learmonth's Minor Prophet combines the traditions on english neo-Romantic landscape with an eerie and enigmatic surrealism that leave the spectator with a profound sense of unease."

Brian Sewell - Art Critic.  (Daily Mail, June 2004)
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1975 - As a contributing artist to the book
'The English Difference' (prize for complete book)

1976 - As a contributing artist to 'Nova'
(prize for magazines monthly complete issue)

1978 - Cloud-nine painting for Hedges and Butler.
(D & ad silver for consumer magazines)

1979 - Headless man for Victory V.
(D & ad silver for most outstanding poster)
And prize for consumer campaigns.

1980 - Manshaped hole in brick wall for Victory V.
(prize for consumer campaigns)

1981 - Patterned sheep for Sandersons Carpets.
(D & ad silver and pencil for most outstanding advertising
illustration used in one year)

1985 - Oil-rig under water for Irn Bru. (Campaign prize)

1986 - Zebra, Mussel, Mary Rose, Bees.
For Shell Petroleum (Gold Honours)
Creative Circle. Harvest Honours.

Eclipse, for Johnny Walker Black Label
California Communication Arts (Award of Excellence)

Paintings have travelled Europe in exhibitions with
'European Illustration', Art editor Edward Booth Clibborn

Selected as a painter of one of the
'100 best posters of the century' (Campaign)
Awards and commissioning clients:
Larry lives close to the sea in Tywyn on the beautiful west coast of Wales and several of his paintings depict  mountain ranges and scenery in his area.
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Larry was short-listed for the 'Not The Turner Prize' two years running !

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